list_item/slideouts.png Featuring our unique fully-insulated solid wall extension, the A'van Slideout range of Pop-Tops offers greater versatility and comfort than its imitations.

Thanks to A'van's Super-Strength Smooth Panel Construction, our patented slide-out rear double bedroom has superior insulation and security than competitors' canvas-based models.

The A'van Slideout is compact and lightweight, so it is easy to tow with most medium size cars. Of course, the Slideout is also an exceptional fuel saver. Setup is delightfully simple. The Slidout's rear door lifts up with assistance of heavy duty gas struts and the back wall slides smoothly outwards, locking securely into place. Back inside, the double mattress folds down onto a solid base. Within seconds, an entire bedroom with large double-glazed window is complete.

The A'van Slideout also features generous living area because, even with the extension closed, no bed space is taken from the basic floor area. In more ways than one, the Slideout extends the boundaries for RV travel.