Especially now, Australians are itching to travel and see more of our beautiful country. At Geelong Caravans, we’re here to help you make it happen.


Whether it’s modifying your home away from home to build in an extra bunk for the newest addition to the family, installing the aircon you really wished you had the last trip, repairing interior or exterior damage or making sure your van is safe, secure and squeaky clean with a full service before the next expedition – we’ve got you covered.

INSURANCE COVERED: And if you ever get into an accident or your van gets hit with some nasty weather, we can help you through the insurance process to get your van repaired and back on the road sooner.

KNOWLEDGABLE TEAM: Our Caravan Repairs Workshop has been trusted in the industry for over 40 years and brings together a team of qualified and experienced mechanics, welders, gas fitters, electricians and more. We get jobs – both small and large – done.

PARTS & ACCESSORIES GALORE: Plus, with an on-site Parts Department and direct partnerships with leading caravan and camping brands, our team knows just the part you’re looking for and the products that will bring your van dreams to life. 


Servicing your caravan keeps your van running safely and smoothly both on and off the road. It’s an important part of caravan maintenance and can help prevent costly repairs, road accidents and even insurance disputes down the line.

A caravan should be serviced every 10,000kms.

A good caravan service will cover a comprehensive checklist of tasks to ensure all moving parts are properly lubricated, and check that key components such as the chassis, tyres, lights, suspension, bearings and brakes are in safe and proper working order – while also noting any signs of wear or damage that could cause issues in the near-future.

There are also checks you can do yourself between services.
Check out our blog for our recommended DIY Caravan Checks.


Did you know that we also offer same-day services? For times when you really have no time, we can get your van serviced on the same day that you drop it off for an extra fee that will keep you moving. Must be arranged first! So get in touch with us, tell us what days best suit you and we’ll confirm a suitable booking time with you.


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If it’s broken, we’ll fix it. If you have a vision for something new, we’ll give you the advice and service you need to make it happen.

Our in-house team has worked on projects big and small and have decades of experience in the caravan industry across mechanics, welding, carpentry, electrics, gas-fitting and more. We also partner with local specialists where required so that even the toughest and most complex jobs can be accomplished.










From road accidents to unfortunate run-ins with mother nature. Simply give us your insurance claim number, drop off your van and we can handle the rest. We’ve been authorised insurance repairers for decades, working with a slew of insuraners to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


Obtain a Claim Number from your insurer.

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Book in a drop-off date with Geelong Caravans and keep your Claim Number handy.

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Let us take care of the rest! We’ll handle communications with your insurer, get the works approved and completed, including sourcing any special parts or custom works on your behalf.

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You’re ready to pick up!
Pay your excess to either us or your insurer, and you’re good to go! We’ll take a moment to run you through the repairs undertaken and offer any helpful advice related to your van.

What kind of caravan repairs can we do?

Our team has extensive experience in caravan body repairs, accessory refit and installation, bespoke caravan modifications and much more.

Can I ask for other work to be done while my van is there?

Absolutely. If you’ve already been thinking about getting some extra work or a service done to your van, it can make sense to get it done at the same time – so you only need to drop off and collect your van once. We’ll get on with the insurance work and have anything extra done simultaneously or straight after, depending on how the tasks relate. Extra works will be billed separately to your insurance excess. 

What will my caravan insurance cover?

This will depend on the insurance product you’ve taken out for your van. It’s best to refer to your policy documents or get in touch with your insurer if you’re unsure. Some common inclusions are water leaks or panel damage as a result of hail storms or fallen trees while some common exclusions are damages caused by driving too fast for the weight of the van or forcibly trying to enter the van when you’ve lost your keys. Before our work commences, we’ll assess the damage to help us determine the extent of work and the cause so we can establish what’s covered with your insurer. The insurer gives the final tick of approval to commence repairs and we’ll keep you in the loop if this advice is different to your expectations.

Will there be any out-of-pocket costs?

You typically only need to pay your excess either to us or directly to your insurer. If there is work required that is not covered by your insurer, we’ll get in touch with you to let you know your options and the expected costs before we commence the work.

What if I can't get my van to you?

If the damage or any other reason is preventing you from dropping off your van to us, alternative transport may need to be organised. You should first check if your insurer will cover the transport under your policy. If not, you’ll need to arrange this separately with a transporter of your choice. Get in touch with us if you need help or a recommendation.


Our experienced workshop has partnered with leading caravan brands such as Millard, Avan, Golf and Opus to help get any warranty repairs done quicker. Our workshop is authorised to repair some of the warranty works covered under these manufacturers’ warranties. Od course, some things will still need to be sent back to the relevant factory to be repaired by the manufacturer directly. Get in touch with us to find out what is covered under warranty and the next steps to get it repaired for you.